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Ronel Jordaan artist

Ronel Jordaan

Diana Carmichael artist

Diana Carmichael


Maneki tongs

Susan Slee


In 2005, Ronel Jordaan, having been a textile designer for 26 years, began researching the possibilities of using felt as a creative medium. Entirely selftaught and following her own creative instincts... [read more]  Diana Carmichael was born in Singapore in 1957, but grew up in Zimbabwe where she studied jewellery design and manufacturing. In 1981, Diana moved to Johannesburg, South Afrca... [read more] Susan Slee is a well known jewellery designer from South Africa. She has now turned her talents to the design and manufacture of beautiful ethnic and clean... [read more]

Bronze Age Studio

Bronze Age

David Walters at work
David Walters

Imiso Ceramics artist

Imiso Ceramics

BRONZE AGE is a multifunctional art foundry that specialises in casting sculpture in bronze with both the lost wax and sand casting processes. We provide services to artists... [read more] David Walters, one of South Africa's most distinguished potters, was also the founder and driving force behind its first craft route, Natal's Midlands... [read more] The Xhosa word “Imiso” means “Tomorrow”. But the owners took this further and, with the inspiration of “Work today, change tomorrow”, our slogan “Dawn of a new era” was born.
Imiso Ceramics is owned by four young... [read more]
Hassah Authentic African Jewellery
Hassah Authentic African Jewellery

Victor Nkuna at work

Victor Nkuna

Gone Rural artist

Gone Rural Swaziland

Designing and manufacturing of authentic African jewellery and artifacts. Inspired, conceptualized and born in the heart of mysterious Africa, is a skills development project... [read more] He explains his journey in pursuing his passion in his own words. "While at school I started to experiment with art by drawing pictures. I saw my dad doing art with mud and wood carvings and........... [read more]

It was all started by Jenny Thorne with a "....table at the local fruit market....". She searched the rural communities of Swaziland looking for talent and weaving skills. Out of this initiative the Gone Rural of today was borne. The plan has ... [read more]

Senzokuhle artist

Senzokuhle Wire Baskets

Ivan Muller Photography 

Ivan Muller Photography

Wonderful wire - "telephone wire"baskets created by the suppliers to Senzokuhle. Working from their villages in rural northern Kwazulu Natal, these colourful and vibrant baskets are exported............. [read more]  Ivan Muller has been photographer since 1983 and the majority of the photos on was taken by Ivan. His personal vision is best described in the words of Garry Winogrand; "I photograph things to see what they look like photographed".  To see more of Ivan's work - []